TDR Legure

Company TDR Legure was established in February 2007 with the privatization and restructuring process of the previous company TDR Metalurgija in Ruse. TDR Legure is the successor to the so-called complex alloys program, which was once developed in TDR Metalurgija and has constantly been being improved for 30 years.

Today the primary production program still consists of the aforementioned complex alloys, which are used in different types of foundries for the production of high-quality cast iron, such as parts of breaking systems for the automotive industry, pipes for the distribution of drinking water or parts of wind turbines.

These alloys are called “nodulatorji in cepiva” or in English "Nodularisers and Inoculants" and in German »Vorlegierungen und Impfmitteln."

In general the company produces alloys with the technological upgrade of standard ferrosilicon. This means products with a higher level of added value.



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